This has been an unprecedented week in my life.  Without going more than 5 miles from my home I have experienced an earthquake, tornado, my son leaving for college and our dog, Bingo, saying his last goodbye.  Talk about an emotionally charged week.   Since, I couldn’t  do anything to change the course of those events I will focus on another farewell… BORDERS BOOKS and MUSIC.

My love affair with BORDERS started when I first saw the shiny box store.  Anyone who knows me will attest that I long have needed a program to get over my addiction to buying books (especially children’s books).  BORDERS became my place to browse with my young preschoolers and keep them happy with a cookie and hot chocolate during months where the sun went down before dinner! A venue for other moms with strollers to meet and laugh over a latte.  Where we could sit and hear a local or nationally renowned author read aloud excerpts from their books.  And, where I heard my friend, Tom Sullivan, perform his great music.

BORDERS also was the first area store to spotlight my BABY, TODDLER and PRESCHOOL SIGN LANGUAGE DVD.  They allowed me a great spot during their Educators’ Promotions week and I was so grateful for their sales and hospitality.  This kind of treatment meant the world to me and helped jumpstart my business, SIGNING FAMILIES.   

Goodbye BORDERS, my friend.

  2 comments for “GOODBYE BORDERS

  1. August 30, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks to Borders for helping my friend Louise jumpstart her business.

    Good-buy Borders. Some of us will continue to love real books more than anything else…the smells, the turning of pages, the bonding with our children while snuggling over a story of rhyme and vibrant images…thanks for being a big part of our lives, Borders. My mother always bought books from your stores for my children…we’ll miss you.

  2. August 30, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    I’ll miss Borders in San Diego. The Mission Valley store has been so wonderful for buying books for Mom to Madre. I especially will miss their bargain tables. Thanks for your Borders’ memories, Louise. Connie Goldin

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