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What a week! Tommy Jordan, Hunter Spanjer, Clint Eastwood and guest name “Issac” all made the news!

This has been a really strange news cycle week. We started the week with Hurricane Issac wreaking havoc in the gulf (and still is) to stories on ABC NEWS program 20/20 about a father, Tommy Jordan, who decided to discipline his daughter and her “potty mouth” by destroying her computer one gunshot at a time! In between we had the news of Hunter Spanjer, a three year old child who was asked not to use his given American Sign Language name sign in his preschool program because it resembled a “gun” motion. (See video and links to responses from public organizations below). We also witnessed Clint Eastwood talking to the Invisible President during the Republican National Convention. The ONLY thing that seemed to make sense this week was the event that was the most random- a hurricane! The rest just seemed to make me want to shake my head.

MOVING… Lessons Learned

If you read my earlier blog about packing to move then you may recall that Hubby and I recently relocated from metro DC to the south shores of Los Angeles. When last reported the move was going smoothly.  However, now that we are moved in and almost all settled, I feel compelled to write a…

Happy Summer!

Our June newsletter has just been sent out and it is FULL of cool links to ASL videos, interviews, promotions and much more!  Find out about my video for the New Ricki Lake Show that got the producers eyes!  All of this and much more by clicking –> SIGNING FAMILIES NEWSLETTER THANKS FOR READING!  ~Louise

Parenting Children with Special Medical Needs

Through the years I have worked with families who have been put to a great parenting test –  raising a child with difficult health needs. Whether it is a child with a disease that is most often treatable, such as asthma to the disabling and terminal diseases, such as Tay-Sachs, the worry, fear and fatigue…


To all those who have served in the military, past and present,  thank you.  Without your service and acts of bravery, people like me wouldn’t have the freedom to write this blog.  

Guest Post by Wendy Young of Kidlutions

Next week I will finally get to meet and greet my friend and colleague from 411 VOICES – Wendy Young. This dynamo founded one of the premiere mental health sites for families- KIDLUTIONS.  This week I snatched from blog this article Wendy wrote about our joint presentation at the  Michigan Associaiton for the Education of…

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