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The Signing Families Mini-Emergency Communication Chart – For When Time Counts! (ASL- English – Spanish – Chinese)

This pocket-sized emergency communication chart has FOUR different languages represented. Photos for a dozen important informational signs are in sign language, English, Spanish and Chinese!

There is a space for writing with a washable marker allows for efficient communication during challenging situations, such as medical emergencies or disasters

What are you doing October 16th at 10:16 a.m.?

On October 16th at 10:16 in the morning, I will be joining the 9.2 million Californians and 19 million worldwide (and counting) individuals who are planning on stopping EVERYTHING to participate in the SHAKE OUT earthquake and tsunami drill!

Registration is EASY and the whole drill only takes a few minutes. WOW – five minutes to practice how to be safe when a disaster strikes! And, for you non-west coast folks – don’t think that earthquakes are just “our thing”. If memory recalls correctly – one of the most recent earthquakes of a magnitude greater than 5.0 in the United States happened in Virginia!

Dear First Responders, THANK YOU!


These events and so many more are why we all need to take a minute to thank the FIRST RESPONDERS in our community. From Police to Fire Fighters to Emergency Medical Personnel including EMTs on the scene to Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to Comfort Dog Associations the American Red Cross and to so many others….

An Open Letter… Written by guest blogger and New Jersey resident, Jen Martelle Heicklen

I am posting today an “Open Letter” written by Jen Martelle Heicklen. She is the wife of a New Jersey First Responder who has been working tirelessly to save lives of people that are in need of rescue following Hurricane Sandy. Her letter addresses a serious issue – First Responders risking their lives to save those who refused to follow evacuation orders. I find that this letter is poignant, raw and one that I wish to take the liberty to reprint (with permission from Jen). I believe others may agree or disagree with Jen’s point of view, but , as a person who works with and deeply respects First Responders, I felt compelled to reprint it.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011 has been designated as the National Emergency Alert Test Day.  This will be only a TEST.  Information that is IMPORTANT for our deaf friends can be found here   (The video includes American Sign Language– ASL) Below you will find the SIGNING FAMILIES Sign Expressions Emergency Card that was created for EMS,…

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