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Which Candidate will I “SWIPE RIGHT” if they match my political wishlist?

So, instead of saying this or that candidate is “my 2020 presidential choice”, I will write a list of qualities I am looking for in the leader of the United States. I understand that I won’t find my perfect leader who will tick off all the boxes. But… I hope that I will find someone who will be the Presidential candidate who best aligns with my ” Preferred Quality List”. In other words I am seeking my political “swipe right” match.

Negative Political Rants = Social Media Unfriending/ Muting/Blocking

Let’s face it – you cannot agree with everyone all the time.  Especially, about politics! Sadly, I have seen lifelong relationships morph in to adversarial relationships due to emotions running beyond limits over national politics. Not only are people disagreeing but they are having a public and bitter war of words for all to witness!  So. Very. Heartbreaking. 


Sometimes I can write a blog in a blink.  Today is not one of those days. Why? Because today I feel compelled to write about the Orlando shooting.  But, I can’t due to the gnawing realization that  I have written this blog before.  The topic is all too familiar.  And, that bothers me – deeply. So I…

Sunrise, Sunset

Confession, one of the best things about moving to Southern California is the amazing sunrises and sunsets. Actually photographing the massive sky with some serious beauty really makes me happy.

Photos shot with a simple Nikon 60 or my iPhone.

Falling off the Fiscal and Emotional Cliff

Today in between watching college football games I am also busy awaiting the “verdict” from Congress.  Rather I should say, I am one of millions awaiting “the news”…. Will we or won’t we be falling off the “fiscal cliff”? I have spent much of the day flipping channels or listening to political pundits and newscasters…

Ask a 5th Grader!

As the campaign trail is winding down and another election will be upon us in just a matter of days, people are conducting all kinds of polls!  Who will win the Presidential election? What are the topics that really matter to people in the United States? What should we do about threats to our nation?…

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