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HALFLING, a New YA Novel with Bonus Features: Book Club, Virtual and Homeschool Curriculum Options

Donna Marie Robb is a writer who has a dream … actually, a whole lot of dreams! Her debut young adult fantasy novel, Halfling, chronicles the story of Remmi, a young girl who is vacillates between Dreamearth and Realearth.   As her story unfolds you realize that Robb wrote Remmi to be a strong protagonist who has experienced…

5 Tips to Learning Sign Language – videos included

Sign language is popular! Why? Because, this past year, Nyle DiMarco not only took top honors as America’s Next Top Model, but also won with partner, Peta Murgatroyd, Dancing with the Stars ! An amazing feat for anyone to win BOTH in a single year, let alone a lifetime. Even more astonishing is that the dance award was given to a man who happens not to hear!

So, thank you Nyle for making ASL cool and motivating scores of hearing people to want to learn more about the Deaf community and sign language!

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If you are one of those people who would love to learn the basics of sign language, but don’t know where to start – let me help! I put together a series of videos available on my YouTube channel and just added my 5 TIPS to LEARNING SIGN LANGUAGE (also posted below)

Sign Language Video and Photography to Help First Responders (and others) Communicate During Emergencies, Including Evacuation Scenarios

As I type this blog I am watching CNN news reporting from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) about the terrorist threat that forced their schools to close today. Luckily students were not in session thus avoiding a massive evacuation across an entire city. But, what if students had been in the classrooms, including Deaf students who use sign language to communicate. Would we be able to evacuate all safely?

Knowing a few words in sign language can save lives.

So, I am asking on behalf of those who are Deaf or use sign as a preferred mode for communication if you would take a few moments to learn a few signs. For someday you may be a child or adults communication bridge to safety!

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