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ASL Holiday Signs

On behalf of SIGNING FAMILIES we wish all a happy holiday season. Here are some common words in American Sign Language (ASL) for this time of year. For more information about sign language or to learn how to sign – please visit our website or our FACEBOOK page where nearly 5000 people visit and share. There you will find scores of links to our ASL videos on YouTube and much much, more!



Have an ASL Mother’s Day!

It seemed only appropriate that I honor Mom’s everywhere by sharing some of my favorite photos of Signing Families kid models demonstrating signs for MOM/MOMMY, LOVE and CARE/ CARING.

To learn more sign language please visit YouTube and Ustream for our SIGNING FAMILIES free access videos. (SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION HAS MANY SIGNS)

Disaster ASL Signs

Fans of SIGNING FAMILIES™ connected with me today.  They asked for me to post disaster related signs to assist those who were impacted by recent tornados, flooding and other weather related damage.  Of course we will be happy to upload ASL, English and Spanish photos to help First Responders in states such as Alabama and…

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