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659c2fd9d6d148fb28816576425f929a_largeAbout two months ago I was asked to create a short video that would state, ” I AM A FEMINIST, WE ARE ALL FEMINISTS”. It would be used to help with the promotion of a new documentary, FEMINISTS – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? I chuckled upon this request as I come from a long line of “feminists” and I would only be stating “the obvious”. After all, my family was known to have strong minded women, who are progressive with our thought and believe in equality, etc. So, making this declarative video was a “no brainer” for me.

BUT.. then I got thinking. Isn’t EVERYONE a “feminists”? Surely, there can’t be too many of my contemporaries that believe women should be “June Cleaver” and not have much of a role outside of the home? Or that if all else is equal that a man should be given a job- “just because”.

Let the research begin… So I decided to delve into this topic. Recalling where I was in the 1960’s when the feminist movement was really getting some power. And how DIFFERENT it would have been if social media was available! This is what I learned:

One Man + Wheelchair + Documentary Film Crew + 3300 Miles Across America = ROLL WITH ME!

Gabriel Cordell, wheelchair athlete, will leave from Santa Monica CA on April 1, 2013 with nothing more than his wheelchair and a film crew documenting his journey across America. Together they will make ROLL WITH ME.. a documentary about how one man wants to inspire everyone that you can be an athlete despite life’s challenges. Learn more in this blog and via rollwithme.org

A Feel Good Story Meant to be Shared!

This video about Jason McElway, a young man with Autism,  has been around for a couple of years. Yet, I couldn’t help but post it as a reminder that amazing things happen in schools everywhere!  Bravo to the coach and all the students who rallied with support for Jason! Enjoy!

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